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In addition to the game components, you will need a pencil and paper for keeping score.

Your Turn

  1. If you have control of the bags, draw new tiles at random until you possess a total of 9.
  2. Draw 1 new die at random and place it on the table.
  3. Roll all the dice on the table.
  4. Attempt to spell one word using all the newly rolled dice and as many of your unbanked, or unspent, tiles as you wish. You do not have to use any tiles if the dice spell a word by themselves.
  5. Choose one of the following:
    1. Score the Word: if you succeed in spelling a word, you may end your turn and score your points. Add-up the value of all dice and tiles in your word then multiply the result by the number of dice in the word. Now add the value of all banked tiles used in spelling any previous words; continue to step 6.
    2. Press Your Luck: if you succeed in spelling a word, you may risk your success and for the possibility of achieving a higher score. Bank all your tiles used during your success by moving them to the side of your playing area. Any banked tiles will be scored at the end of your turn; return to step 2.
    3. Spend a Vowel: you may spend a vowel tile (A, E, I, O, U) to re-roll all of your dice. To spend a vowel, flip the tile face down. Any spent tiles will be discarded at the end of your turn; return to step 3.
    4. Fail the Word: if you are neither able spell a word, nor possess any vowel tiles to re-roll your dice, you will only score the value of any tiles banked from previous words; continue to step 6.
  6. Allow others to respond: replace all of your scored, banked, and spent tiles in the tile bag, but keep the dice on the table. All other players are now given a chance to score points if they can spell a word with your dice letters and their tiles. If another player can create a word, they score the value of the dice and tiles only. They do not use the number of dice as a multiplier. Return any scored tiles to the bag.
  7. Once all players have had a chance to respond, end your turn by replacing the dice into bag then passing both bags to your left.

Ending the Game

Once any player reaches 150 points or more, finish the round by continuing turns until control of the bags reach the first player. The winner of the game is the player with the most points once the round is completed.

Additional Points


Before drawing any dice on your turn, you may choose to replace your beginning set of 9 tiles with 9 new tiles drawn at random from the tile bag if: